Connecting with the Fashion World Through Social Media

At Malena Group, we understand the importance of social media in today's fast-paced fashion industry. That's why we've made sure to maintain a strong presence across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Our online platforms,,,,,, and, have gathered huge traction since their inception and continue to provide a user-centered experience for both avid and new online shoppers.

Our commitment to social media has paid off, with Freddy becoming one of the most Instagrammed jeans brands, adored by top influencers such as Rosie Connolly, Laura Wiltmore, and Vogue Williams, as well as international celebrities like Serena Williams and Eva Longoria. Similarly, Dr Denim has proven to be a hit with global influencers such as Sophie Turner, Janni Deler, and Cameron Diaz.

At Malena Group, we are proud to be at the forefront of the fashion industry and are constantly striving to connect with our customers through social media. Whether you're an avid shopper or just looking to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends, be sure to follow us on our social media platforms for a glimpse into the world of Malena Group.


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